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Let's join force and support Satchan BNK48 to reach her goal in BNK48 6th Single Senbatsu General Election through donation campaign for people worldwide!

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Satchan BNK48

Sawitchaya Kajonrungsilp or Satchan is half Thai-Japanese girl whose dream is to become an actress.
She decided to follow her dream and took an audition to become a member of BNK48 1st generation with the age of 13, which is the youngest among members at the time.

Despite being one of the youngest members of the group, Satchan shows great potential and shines bright as an idol. We always see Satchan as a cute little sister, a loving girl as expected from someone her age, but beyond that, she is one tough, determined, and caring person you would have ever met. She is always by someone’s side whenever they need, giving it is a good time or bad time, while she does her best in both work and school life.

Satchan has proven herself as a great member of BNK48 through the development of singing, dancing, and many other skills for being an idol. She was also selected to be the ‘Senbatsu’ for BNK48’s singles from the 1st one, Aitakatta, to the 4th one, Kimi wa Melody. Unfortunately, the record was stopped as she was not selected as Senbatsu for the 5th single... ...But now is the time for us to join hands and send this talented girl back to where she belongs: The Senbatsu!

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BNK48 Senbatsu General Election

Senbatsu General Election is one of the biggest events of 48 Group that has been held for a long time in search for the Senbatsu, or the selected, which refers to members who are chosen to perform and promote the new songs or single.
The result of the election depends entirely on votes from fans and it has great impact to the members as it would determine position they would be in on the performance and it also reflects popularity and future opportunity one might get.

For BNK48 6th Single Senbatsu General Election, 51 candidates will compete for their spots in first 32 seats, which is then divided into two groups:

  • Rank 1 - 16 : Senbatsu
  • Rank 17 - 32 : Undergirls
The Senbatsus will be assigned to perform and promote main song of the 6th single with #1 in center position. The Undergirls will be assigned to perform a coupling song of the 6th single with #17 in center position.

Official website for the election :

Vote for Satchan BNK48

In order to support Satchan in this election event, fan groups came together to establish campaigns in hope of raising votes for Satchan and help her reach her goal of becoming Senbutsu.
This is English site for people outside of Thailand who would like to help support Satchan. Please click the link below for the detail of our donation campaign.

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